An open apology to Milo and everyone.

Yesterday in the beehive article I made a comment that I found the beehive unattractive. I then related a story of two aunts having that since the 1950s until one died 5 years ago and her sister still has it. Essentially they stacked wigs on top of each other and thus lost their hair. It was at least 3 wigs although my mom believes it was like 5.

Anyways Milo said that stating that I found the beehive look to be unattractive. I said "this dude (me) finds the beehive unattractive" is rude. Since this site is feminist and stating what is unattractive about anyone not your mate is rude.


I am apologizing to Milo and everyone. I sincerely meant it as just my opinion nothing more. I know in Dirtbag there are opinions on looks all the time. I understand now as Milo pointed out its rude for me to do it.

I again had no clue that stating what I thought was unattractive would be considered rude. Part of me still doesn't get it since today in an article it was said a comic is starting to look like a homeless person.

My opinion I thought was meaningless since I don't expect anyone to say "well he doesn't like beehives so I won't wear one".


I guess I need to be more careful on my opinions about what I find attractive. I really did not intend to be rude.