I second Korra's statement.

My thoughts on Wayne Lapierre's press conference.

a) to call mental illness as deranged and evil is playing to the totally uneducated and ignorant. The ones who believe cancer is God's punishment and depression is devils invaded your body.

b) in 2001 and even now there has been hysteria over Muslim Americans. The fear they will kill people and Sharia law. I got a bad sense we may be entering a period where mental illness even autism (which it is not mental illness) is seen as being a threat. My worse fear is a return of mental institutions where people will be placed there easily and autism will be put there "just in case". I hope I am wrong.

c) Repugs and teabaggers who are usually NRA members want to defund Education Department, cut back on teacher's pay, cut back on supplies but want to turn schools into mini airports with arm guards.

d) video games, movies and videogames. Is there any proof they play a part in mass shootings? I don't read about masss shootings in Japan? Aurora, Sikh temple shootings had no connection. A red herring.


This was nothing more then a sales pitch to sell more guns. A speech to invoke fear against fellow Americans with mental illness or autistic all to sell guns and increase

membership. Turning our nation to something like the mythical wild west where Shoot Outs at The Ok Corral will take place now.