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Question about SCOTUS striking down DOMA. Part of DOMA was State A not having to recognize gay marriage in State B. What happens if DOMA is struck down? Will a gay couple married in Maine then move to Alabama would Alabama have to recognize the marriage? I see this as great since if its illegal to marry in Alabama but

I was in a consignment shop yesterday and noticed vintage perfume bottles with perfume in them. Vintage being pre1980 for the shop. I think vintage means pre1970 but thats me. The owner said yes women do spend 30 plus dollars on vintage perfume.

NSFW so don't click if at work. Why must old 60s/70s fantasy covers show men dressed for battle but women are dressed for battle near naked? It makes no sense. Usiing a sword with breasts exposed doesn't make sense in close quarter fighting which sword fighting is. Also where do you put the sword after?

Mark Burnett is sick and just feeding rwnj crazies and fundies by casting a President Obama lookalike as Satan. People should not watch The Bible or his Survivor.

Incredible CPAC moment Scott Terry a 30 year old Republican actually said outreach to African Americans "disenfranchises, young white men". He scoffed about slavery and endorsed segregation. Proof CPAC is nothing more then the KKK without the hoods.

Breaking news: New pope elected. I so fear it will be a Benedict clone. Have a hunch it will be since he picked so many cardinals.

Thanks for the endorsement mom. A Cardinal's 92 year old mother does not want her son to be Pope that he would not be up for "bitchiness of the vatican". A mothers faith in her son to achieve just a secondary job. She though has line of day.

Why isn't Jezebel covering the Jodi Arias case? Its all over the news. This woman is charged with 1st degree murder and death penalty eligible yet this site ignores the story.

Went to the dentist to see the hygenist I go 3 times a year. I do really like the job she does and the dentist is great. I had them for 6 years. I do think a cleaning with the dentist popping in for 30 seconds should not cost 190 dollars.

Am I the only one who sees our culture totally empathy deficient? A person called me "empathy police". You know something I embrace it.